Private Piano Lessons  

Kristin offers private piano lessons to people of all ages in her home studio in Davenport, CA. She helps tailor each lesson to meet the needs and interests of each student.  Providing a comprehensive, well-rounded approach to piano instruction, Kristin teaches music-reading, musicianship, ear training, composition and improvisation.  Using a combination of series books and specific songs that may be of special interest to you or your child, Kristin helps you or your child build up a basic repertoire.  Recitals held twice a year.  Kristin offers to students a passion for music, a love for learning, and an imaginative, enthusiastic approach to music


General Music Teacher  

With 17 years of experience in the classroom, Kristin offers a versatile approach to music education, specializing in preschool through 8th grade using the Orff-Schulwerk approach. Using songs, games, dances, improvisation, composition, and extensive ensemble work (Orff, percussion, and voice) Kristin is skilled at developing challenging, enriching, and innovative activities that address the diverse needs and interests of the students.  She integrates her curriculum with the classroom teacher's curriculum to provide for a seamless experience for the learner.  Kristin is capable of creating a range of simple through complex orchestrations of a variety of musical styles suited to an array of different ensemble options.  She is accomplished in crafting, organizing, directing and overseeing large school-wide functions, concerts and performances.  Kristin is an active team member who effectively collaborates with all levels of staff members and establishes quality relationships with students, teachers and parents.  She is a self-directed, creative, enthusiastic teaching professional and musician who inspires a love of learning in her students.

After-School Music Classes  

Kristin offers an exciting variety of after-school enrichment classes for students.  She has had great success in the past offering Rock Band, World Music Ensemble, Jazz and Improvisation, Ukulele Club and Choir. 

After-School Dance Classes  

Kristin offers a wonderful variety of dance styles in her classes.  Her students have enjoyed learning hip-hop, salsa, interpretive movement, and samba.  Whether it is teaching Michael Jackson's "Thriller" dance, guiding students in intricate salsa patterns and turns, or helping students create their own choreography, each child experiences the joy of being in their body. Each class starts with a warm-up, then progresses to dancing across the floor in lines, and concludes with working on a set choreography.  Time is always allowed for students to work on their own choreographies.  Each 8 or 10 week session culminates in a dance recital.